Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Letter To Dad

Letter to Dad:
Dear Dad,
If only I would have written you this letter last month (41 days ago to be exact); you would have been here to read it. I can't even express in words the love that I feel for you but I think you know. My heart aches not having you here by my side. I'm so proud to have you as my Dad and I am so greatful to have such a wonderful father whose love is endless. Your smile can brighten a room, your voice can make anyone's day complete, and you hugs made me feel loved and appricated. On January 3rd I came to your house and we shared a quick hello, you stood by the car door as we left, smiling until the door shut and that smile has not left me. At that moment I never thought that it would have been the last time I saw you smiling. I love you Dad with all my heart and I'm so thankful for your wonderful example and your endless love for me. You are awesome, You're the best, You rock, and you are my best friend!!
I love you Dad and I miss you so so much!

Love, "Brown Lindsey"

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  1. Lindsey, This is priceless. Thank you for sharing. That impression will stay with you for the rest of your days, always. I'm a journal writer. It keeps me sane. I'd encourage you to keep writing down these beautiful memories as they come to you. I believe that the smile you saw that day will not be the last you see from your father. Hug my Tricia for me next time you see her...pretty please! Hang in there. Love, S