Monday, January 12, 2009

Funeral Service

There will a funeral service held for Ted McArthur on Friday January 16, 2009 at 1:00 PM at the Lindon Center St. Building located at 731 East Center St. Lindon, UT 84042. Interment at Pleasant Grove City Cemetery 500 North 100 West Pleasant Grove, UT 84062.


  1. I remember so well the first time I met Ted. It was probably in 1958 or 1959. I was a Palm Springs girl. I met Shirley at LDS girls camp, and we became dear friends. Palm Springs and Escondido were in the same district at that time. My friend Paula Payne and I started going to Escondido to visit Shirley, and it was so wonderful to have a group of LDS kids to hang out with, since Paula and I and probably 2-3 others constituted the entire LDS population at PS high school. My times in Escondido were among the most fun of my growing up. (Staying at the Green’s house; dancing in the intersection at the Green’s house; going to the Church dances with the sailors in San Diego; going to the beach; attending Sandi’s wedding, etc.) Ted was a legend among the Escondido kids because he was so "cool" -- but I hadn't ever met him. One night we were all standing around in the parking lot at the drive-in ice cream shop where the teen-agers always hung out. Up drove Ted in his very cool car with his very cool attitude, and his very handsome face -- and those gorgeous McArthur eyes. Then I knew what all the fuss was about. He was older than we were by a few years—which made a great difference at that age. In later years when "Happy Days" became a hit, I always thought of my Escondido friends, and in my mind, Ted represented a bit of the Fonz in that group. It was my privilege to be one of the bride's maids at Ted’s and Shirley's wedding. (Does anyone have photos? I've never seen any.) Ted was a great guy. The one thing I know from what he told me over the years was that he adored his Shirley, and cherished his children. My daughter died this year, and one thing I can say is that even though people pass away, they always are with us. We remember their words; we remember the fun we had with them; we remember their impact on us. They never leave us. Ted will always be with you. Love to you all. xoxo sherry pack baker

  2. Hi Sherry, thanks for sharing that story. From the photos ive seen of my dad at that age, you described exactly the image i always had of him. One thing is for sure, he was always one of the cool kids and will always be the coolest.
    Thanks again,
    -Robbie McArthur

  3. Robbie - what an amazing person/son you are. With all that you are going through - you took the time to thank a family friend for sharing her story (and a lovely story at that). It says so much about you. You have NO idea how much you and your family are teaching so many of us. I think you're awesome. Your entire family amazes me...
    Continued love, strength and prayers,

  4. Well Sherry, I have one up on you. I met him when i was 3 or 4 days old. Everyone could tell we were brother & sister because I looked like him. Ted used to give me his car to go cruzin in witha girl griend while he was working at Calavo Packing Co. before we went to work for our Dad and Uncle Dean. We had many a good time going to the desert with our sand rails and quads. I used to make my mom's hot dog stew and call him and he would take bread and butter to work and Charlie would take the stew and eat it until it was gone. There are too many good time towrite them all. His sister Dianne

  5. Uncle Ted wasnt one of the cool kids,he was "Cool". I always wanted to be like grandpa and uncle ted when I was growing up. Working at the rental most of my life allowed me the opportunity to see this "cool" on a daily basis. For example,when I was younger I had hair down to the middle of my back,and every morning like clock work grandpa and ted would come by my shop. One would grab hold of my ponytail and the other would pretend they were going to take the greasy tools and cut my hair. "We got him now!"Uncle Ted would laugh", "hold him hold him let me fire up this chainsaw and give him a trim" grandpa would giggle. We had alot of fun but Uncle Ted never took it easy on me,he made sure I was tuff enough to take on whatever came my way. My Uncles were my fathers,and Uncle Ted was there to teach me to be a good man,husband,father,friend.Wether it was showing my how to work on motors or how not to start a fire in the desert with a gas can(one of many great stories).I still go to the desert and will remember all the great times we all had there together.I miss you Uncle Ted. They say people have heard the rustle of angels wings ,now that you and grandpa are together I guess I better start listening for the sound of giggling and a chainsaw.