Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 15, 2009

January 15, 2009 - These past few days have been so busy. We have all been running in circles making plans for the funeral, trying to figure out Dad's filing system (good luck), visiting with family and friends and eating...and eating....and eating. It already seems so long ago that this whole thing happened but at the same time I'm not sure any of us really believe that it did. It's a strange feeling of just waiting to wake up and the bad dream will be over. But through it all, I am absolutely amazed at the love I feel FOR my family and friends as well as the love i feel FROM them. We went to the funeral home tonight to see Dad and have some time with our family. Although it was hard and very emotional, it was just as peaceful. The know that even though tomorrow, we will physically say "Goodbye" to Dad...emotionally and spiritually we will never have to let him go. He will be with us always only now, he can be with us all whenever and wherever we need him to be. I think everyone, at onme time or another, had the romantic notion of our own guardian angel but only now do I truly feel like I have mine. I guess this means I better be on my best behavior...*wink*

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