Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January 6, 2009 Day Four

January 6, 2009 I feel like I'm in the movie "Ground Hog Day". I keep waking up to the same thing over and over again. Again there hasn't been much change. The only real difference is the swelling in his face has gone down slightly. Although he is not as swollen, he still doesn't look like Dad to me. It's been very hard not to touch him, hold his hands or rub his feet (which Tricia is anxious to do since she is Dads personal pedicurist). We haven't been able to touch him much since it will cause too much stimulus for his body and cause his heart rate, blood pressure etc to get too high.We have tried to limit the number of visits to his room which has proved to be easier said than done. Its difficult to keep from going to see him but we also know limited activity is best at the moment. We have had a constant flow of wonderful family and friends stopping by to sit with us, keep us company and occupy our minds. Jimmy and Stephanie Tarantino, very close friends of Mom and Dad's from Valley Center, arrived today to see him. Jimmy and Dad have such a great friendship and I know that he is so happy to hear Jimmy's voice and know that he and Stephanie are close by.
There is still no prediction as to when he might wake up so here we sit in the waiting room that has become our new home. While some of us read, others update Facebook, and still others nap, we are reminded of the importance of family and how valuable our time together is. As a family we are still not sure what lessons we are to learn from this, but the one thing we do know is that nothing happens in vain. We will only become stronger.


  1. I have been praying for you since I heard-- and today, after Tricia sent me the link to the blog-- oh I just sat and read and cried. I can't imagine what this must be like for all of you. Big hugs-- and continual prayers

  2. I know my last name is not McArthur, but this Daddy-O, Ted, has been in my life since I was just a pip-squeak! He gave me such grief when I had my first date. It took me two weeks to ask Mom if I could go because I know Ted would hasstle me! I love him so dearly.
    When they were first married and lived in the little apartment by Granpa McArthur's house, Ted had a pool table in the second bedroom. Only trouble was the room was so small he had to open the window to make a shot from the one side of the table!
    This being here in the hospital with all of their family feels so wonderful. I've spent the 34 years of our marriage watching and learning from Ted and Shirley. Heavenly Father placed me as the youngest child because he knew I needed examples from whom to learn. Well, this family is the best.
    And by the way, I can't tell you how many times Uncle Ted either picked me up or dropped me off at airports.......always! We met in so many places! He's the best and our Father in Heaven knows that and loves him for the good man he is.
    And so, it is an honor to share the chairs and loveseat/beds with all of you.
    I love you all,
    Aunt Nea

  3. And how nice to have a member of the Seventy come and talk to everyone! It was so uplifting and once in a lifetime!

  4. Your comments were so touching, thank you Robbie for sharing your feelings. I have been wondering what all if this will teach us, for me as well. I lay in my bed at night thinking about him and all of my fun times with him. I love your dad. I've wanted to be up with all of you much more and longer than I have been able. Uncle Ted has always made me feel loved, good about myself no matter how I was really feeling, and makes me laugh. I still laugh when I think of the trip we all took to Tijuana and he was singing at the top of his lungs. He is a great man, you are lucky to have him as your Dad!

  5. I have been praying several times a day for your family (everytime I check facebook, which is ALOT!) You are an amazing family & very blessed to have each other. I know beyond doubt, your dad knows you are there & feels your love & concern, and appreciates you all so much. Keep the faith McArthurs, it will see you through!

  6. I thought of a funny thing about your dad today. I remember one Sunday at church he came walking into that back McArthur row (overflow area) and he was sporting a new tie tack-- I think I was back there to talk to Tricia-- anyway- I might not have noticed it-- except that he pointed it out. He called it his "moose poop" tie tack-- and if I remember right, it was gold, and was like this little pile of swirling poop. That struck me so funny...still does. What a character. Wonder if he still has it...