Saturday, January 10, 2009

January 10, 2009 Day Eight

January 10, 2009 Once again, today was a day full of laughs and tears.  We have had many visitors come by to express their love and concern for Dad, Mom and the family.  Dads blood pressure dropped slightly but is now back to normal level as is his heart rate.  Brian McHale, Whitney McHale and Wayne Sanders arrived this evening from California to be with Cheryl and Jany.  Mom and Dads good friend Jackie Hampton and her husband arrived this morning which brought great comfort to Mom.  Carolyn Snowden surprised us with three trays of homemade cinnamon rolls at the hospital which, unfortunately did not last very long.  Thanks Carolyn.  We are getting ready to set up camp for the night so we can get some rest.  Heaven knows we all need it.

As a family, we have decided to reserve tomorrow (Sunday) as a day for the immediate family to spend with mom and dad.  We look forward to having a restful day with our family and respectfully encourage visits to continue on Monday.  We look forward to seeing you then.  Please feel free to fill our voice mails with messages and texts!  
-Robbie and Richie McArthur

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