Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 3, 2009 Day One

January 3,2009 started out like any other Saturday for Dad, He had breakfast @ Richie & Suzanne's for Richie's 30Th birthday, sat and visited awhile then went home to put away the boxes from Christmas. Later that afternoon he went with Marty to do what he loves to do most "car shopping".
At approx 4:10 after returning from their test drive, Marty went to return the keys while Dad
headed over to look @ the next car. As Marty walked away he heard the thud and turned to see that Dad had slipped on the ice and fallen. Marty immediately yelled for someone to call 911, as he supported his head & tried to control the bleeding and keep him from choking as he was unconscious and throwing up. He was taken to American Fork Hospital still unconscious where he was given a CT Scan and the severity of his injuries assessed & then life flighted to Intermountain Medical Center where Mom, Cathy, Richie, Rachel & Lindsey,Dads brothers & sister along with extended family were waiting for him.
As we were gathered together with the Dr's we were told that without the surgery he would not make it and with the surgery there was a slight chance, and so at 8:00 after having a family prayer w/the Doctors he was taken into emergency surgery where he underwent a Craniotomy.
Two hours later Robbie arrived as the Doctors came out to tell us that he was stable but in a coma and the next 24 -48 hrs would be a indicator as to what the future may hold.
-The McArthur Kids

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